Dr. Jeff Speaks At Penn Dental School

Dr. Jeffrey participates in a panel discussion on Dental Support Organizations at his alma mater.


Dr. Jeff Grove:
And when you come out of dental school and for years and years beyond, and I've been out of dental school for almost 15 years, it's a constant learning experience. They say success favors the bold, but I think in dentistry, it favors the bold but it also favors the curious and it favors the learner, the humble learner always. You're going to have to decide what kind of dentist you are when you graduate, how much more support do you need and there's great GPRs and great AGDs out there that can really put a formal training program on a year after dental school for you.

There's also a great opportunities with DSOs and other organized dental groups that will provide you with great CE. We're small. We're just getting started. One of the things that I like best about bringing in new associates is training them and assigning them to mentors and being there for them and seeing them grow. We offer up to $5,000 a year in CE. I try to guide the doctors on what will fit them best, but really, at this point and our size, I'm their personal coach and I meet with every single doctor once a week personally to teach them and guide them and go over cases and talk to them about setting goals. And you definitely have to find that capacity wherever you land after dental school.