How to choose the right toothpaste

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Walking through the isles of the grocery store we are presented with shelves full of different options for one simple product. From Colgate to Sensodyne, whitening to cavity protection and everything in between it’s nearly impossible to know if you are making the right brand choice and specialty for your individual mouth.


Your mouth is unique just like you and there are a few things to keep in mind while picking a toothpaste that will suit your teeth. When choosing your toothpaste double check to be sure that it is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA); the ADA goes through a long process to make sure that the toothpaste they approve is good for your teeth and help instead of harming them. One of our skilled dentists will be happy to recommend a toothpaste that will best fit your needs.



Should you brush your tongue?


We’ve all been there, standing in front of the mirror looking at our tongue wondering if it needs to be cleaned along with our teeth. To brush or not to brush, now that is the question.


Our tongues are responsible for a lot of essential functions we sometimes forget about such as talking, swallowing and getting food unstuck from the tough corners of your mouth. While brushing for the recommended two minutes devote some time to keeping your tongue clean by gently scrubbing them with your toothbrush. Not only will this keep your tongue healthy, but it will also help keep your breath smelling fresh.




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