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What is Sedation Dentistry?

If setting up an appointment at the dentist’s office causes you fear and anxiety, you are not alone. Patients of all ages have phobias, fears, and anxieties when it comes to visiting the dentist. While we take a caring and gentle approach to treatment, offering a comfort menu and soothing environment, we understand that receiving dental treatment can be stressful for a number of individuals. For this reason, Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics offers sedation dentistry options to enable you to feel calm and relaxed throughout a routine or complex dental treatment. During a consultation, we can talk with you about your fears and help you select a sedation option appropriate for your needs. Our highly trained dentists are qualified to administer nitrous oxide gas, oral-conscious sedation, and IV sedation dentistry services. Contact our Wyomissing or Reading, PA office today to schedule your visit and learn more about our sedation dentistry solutions.

What Sedation Dentistry Options Are Available?

Our experienced practitioners offer sedation dentistry options to address all levels of dental fear or anxiety:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas, is now a standard form of sedation that provides mild to moderate sedation
  • Oral-conscious sedation utilizes prescription medication taken by mouth prior to the appointment to decrease anxiety before and during the procedure
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered directly into the vein to allow for complete relaxation throughout the process.

Is Sedation Right for You?

Many individuals experience dental anxiety due to a number of factors, from negative childhood experiences and the need for multiple procedures to a generalized fear of the dental office and concerns, like sensitive teeth or a gag reflex. If you or your loved one experience anxiety, stress, or fear at the idea of undergoing dental procedures, then you are likely a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Since there is a range of sedation methods that produce a variety of relaxation effects, our team will talk with you about your fears, past experiences, or other concerns and review your medical history to help you decide which sedation option is ideal for you. Sedation dentistry at our practice can be combined with all types of procedures, from routine cleanings and fillings to tooth extractions and other complex services.

What Should I Expect From Sedation Dentistry?

The effects of sedation dentistry will differ based on the option selected. With nitrous oxide sedation, the principal objective is to temporarily calm an individual by having them inhale nitrous oxide gas through a small nasal mask. This induces a calm, relaxed feeling that dissipates as soon as the gas is stopped. Oral-conscious sedation is performed by prescribing the patient anti-anxiety medication about one hour before their procedure to help keep them calm but awake before and during the procedure. With intravenous sedation, the patient is eased into a relaxed state from medication administered through an IV before and throughout the treatment. Though patients remain conscious, they often remember very little about the visit.

What Can I Expect After Sedation Dentistry?

Nitrous oxide gas leaves the body within minutes after the gas is no longer inhaled, leaving individuals able to go about a normal daily routine. Since oral-conscious sedation and IV sedation both carry lingering sedative effects, patients who choose this option will need to have an adult drive them home. After the procedure, it is important to remain hydrated and rest throughout the remainder of the day. The effects of each sedation technique may vary in length but should fully dissipate within 24 hours following administration.

Does Insurance Cover Sedation?

Insurance coverage for sedation dentistry services may vary according to individual policies. Our business team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics will speak with your insurance company ahead of time to determine coverage and estimate any out-of-pocket costs. To help our patients get the care needed without financial concern, we offer various payment methods and flexible financing options.

Sedation Dentistry FAQ

Are you awake during oral conscious sedation?
When you receive oral conscious sedation, you will not be asleep during your dentistry treatment; even though you're awake, however, you should feel minimal discomfort and should feel relaxed and at ease.

What shouldn't you do before undergoing conscious sedation?
When receiving sedation dentistry in Wyomissing, PA, you should not drink or eat anything eight hours prior to your appointment. You can still take necessary medications, however. If you have questions about how to prepare for your dental appointment, feel free to give us a call.

How long does sedation last?
When receiving nitrous oxide for dental work, you should feel the effects begin to wear off almost immediately. For conscious sedation, you may notice some of the effects to last around 12 hours, including drowsiness, so you should enlist the help of a trusted adult for the remainder of the day.

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At Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, we believe all patients should experience positive dental visits without the burden of fear or worry. Our team of compassionate dentists is pleased to offer nitrous oxide gas, oral-conscious sedation, and IV sedation techniques to meet the needs of your family. By choosing sedation dentistry, your trips to the dentist for dental cleanings, restorative procedures, and complex types of care can be positive and peaceful. For more information, call our staff to schedule a consultation at our Wyomissing or Reading, PA location.

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