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What Are My Denture Options?

Dentures may be an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Custom made for each individual, dentures can restore your smile and allow you to speak and eat with full confidence. At Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, our team of distinguished general dentists offers a range of denture options, including partial and full removable dentures and fixed, implant-supported dentures for residents in Wyomissing and Reading, PA. Full dentures can replace your entire upper arch, lower arch, or both while partial dentures rely on remaining natural teeth for support. If you have missing teeth or need to have tooth extractions, our caring team of experts can help you determine whether full or partial dentures fit your goals and customize these tooth replacements to bring function, health, and beauty back to your smile. Make an appointment with our team today to explore your options for fixed or removable dentures.

Can I Get Dentures?

Dentures can be used to replace upper and/or lower teeth. You may be a good candidate for custom dentures if you have lost a few or all of your teeth or if you need to have unsalvageable teeth removed and replaced. Healthy natural teeth may be left in place to provide support and anchorage for partial dentures. In some cases, a set of dental implants may be surgically positioned in the jaw to which a fixed implant-supported denture can be attached. When you visit with our team to discuss tooth replacement, we will examine your mouth and jaw and explain your denture options based on your needs and goals.

What Is the Denture Process?

The type of dentures you are receiving will largely determine the treatment process for your tooth replacement:

Full dentures: Full dentures are crafted in a dental lab from impressions taken of your mouth. These removable appliances are made of acrylic, resin, and/or metal framework and fabricated to mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gum tissues. If you have teeth that need to be extracted, we may take impressions of your mouth first and have our lab make an immediate denture to be worn right after your teeth have been removed. Once your mouth has fully healed, about 8 – 12 weeks later, we will take a new impression to make your conventional denture.

Partial dentures: Partial dentures will be customized to blend with your natural teeth for a seamless result. As removable appliances, partial dentures are held in place through metal or plastic clasps that attach to support teeth. Our team will take an impression of your upper and lower arches, which our partner dental lab will use to customize your tooth replacement.

Fixed (implant-retained) dentures: After a series of dental implants are placed in the jaw, our team will take an impression of the mouth from which the lab will use to create a special implant-supported denture or full-arch appliance. Our dentists will then securely attach the appliance to the implants.

Once your new denture is ready, we can adjust the fit as needed to ensure comfort and stability. In some cases, a small amount of denture adhesive may be helpful in keeping your denture in place.

How Do I Care for My Dentures?

It may require some time before your new denture feels comfortable and natural, but it should eventually be easier to eat and speak normally. If your denture ever feels loose, please contact our practice to have it adjusted or possibly relined. At home, you can keep your denture clean by taking it out and brushing it after every meal. When you remove your denture before bedtime each night, it should be soaked to prevent them from drying out. Even if you have full dentures in both arches, we still recommend that you keep routine dental visits at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics so that we can evaluate the fit of your tooth replacements and health of your underlying gums and bone. We can also use a professional solution to clean your dentures during your appointment. When well-cared for, dentures can last for several years.

Does Insurance Cover Dentures?

If you have insurance, a portion of your custom dentures may be covered under your plan. We will be happy to provide a complimentary benefits analysis to help you maximize your coverage and provide an estimate of any personal costs. To make dentures as affordable as possible, Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics accepts several forms of payment, including special patient financing through Wells Fargo.

Dentures FAQ

Can I wear dentures at night?
While it is technically okay to wear your dentures overnight, we do not recommend it. Dentures put a lot of pressure on the bone and gums of your mouth. It's good to give these areas time to relax and nighttime is the perfect opportuity to do so. We suggest you take them out at night and clean them and soak them in water overnight (following our dental care instructions).

Does having dentures hurt?
Whether you have an upper denture or lower denture, it may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning while you get used to them. Over the next few weeks they should become more and more comfortable; if they don't, you should schedule dentures follow-up at our Wyomissing, PA office so we can determine the cause of irritation.

Are there any foods I can't eat with dentures?
You can expect that it will take some time to get used to eating with your dentures. Hard and sticky foods can be particularly difficult as you navigate your new dentures. Again, though, in time, you should adjust and eating will become easier and easier. While you can eat most any foods you want, we do suggest you avoid gum. The gum can stick to your dentures and discolor the denture or break the denture seal.

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Get back your ability to speak, laugh, and eat with confidence with custom denture options for tooth replacement. Our team of talented dentists is pleased to be able to offer custom-made removable full and partial dentures and fixed implant-retained dentures for patients in the Wyomissing and Reading, PA area. Receive more information on how fixed or removable dentures can give you back your smile by making an appointment at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics.

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