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What is Adult Orthodontics?

At Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, we believe that it is never too late to get the smile of your dreams! Our orthodontic specialists routinely treat patients of all ages in the Wyomissing and Reading, PA community, many of whom are adults. Wearing braces as an adult can help improve your functionality, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your overall oral health. Since the jaw has fully developed once you reach the adult years, a certain level of expertise is required to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to help many adults achieve the smile they have always wanted through traditional and advanced treatment solutions. Visit our highly qualified orthodontists to learn about your options for adult braces and see if you are a candidate for care!

Are Adult Braces Right for You?

Many adults are great candidates for braces, including those who experienced a relapse after wearing braces in their youth, who lacked access to orthodontic care, or who developed orthodontic concerns later in life. Braces may be recommended to resolve a number of functional and aesthetic concerns affecting the smiles of adults. These may include:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Rotated or tipped teeth
  • Protruded teeth
  • Bite issues (like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite)

When it comes to braces for adult patients, there are a couple of factors we must take into consideration. The jawbones of adults are fully developed and may be more challenging to manipulate if a significant amount of jaw alignment is necessary. Furthermore, a greater number of adults have gum (periodontal) disease — a condition that often affects the underlying jawbone. Bone loss and the presence of active periodontal infection can inhibit the success of orthodontic care. Before getting started with any adult orthodontic treatment plan, our team will provide a thorough evaluation and help you understand your options.

What Ortho Options Do Adults Have?

Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics is proud to bring full-service orthodontic care to meet the needs and busy schedules of our adult patients. During your initial orthodontic consultation, our team will take digital x-rays, 3D intraoral scans, and photos so that we can fully evaluate your individual needs. We can then help you determine the best treatment option to help you meet your orthodontic needs and personal goals for your smile. Our skilled orthodontists offer several options for adult braces and orthodontic care, including:

  • Invisalign: A highly discreet option that gently moves the teeth into proper alignment through a series of clear, removable aligner trays
  • Traditional braces: A common approach that corrects orthodontic issues through the use of ceramic or metal brackets and archwires
  • Retainers: Post-orthodontic appliances that help hold the teeth in their new position once the active phase of adult orthodontics is complete

What is The Adult Orthodontic Process?

Once your orthodontic treatment begins, we will have you visit our office on a periodic basis for adjustments (as needed) and progress checks. While the time adults spend wearing braces varies among patients, most wear braces (on average) for 1 – 3 years. Once we have performed a full evaluation, our team will be able to provide you with a general timeframe for your care. Adhering to a meticulous routine of brushing and flossing each day and keeping up with routine dental cleaning and check-up visits at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics is highly important for your oral health and overall results. At the end of your treatment with braces, our team may recommend that you wear a retainer to help keep your teeth properly aligned within your smile.

Are Adult Braces Covered By Insurance?

Insurance coverage for adult braces and orthodontic care varies by individual plan. After your treatment consultation, our financial coordinator can provide a complimentary benefits analysis and determine if there may be any out-of-pocket costs for your treatment. Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics offers convenient financial solutions through CareCredit and Wells Fargo and accepts a variety of easy payment options. We can help you find a solution that best meets your needs and budget.

Adult Ortho Treatment FAQ

Is getting braces as an adult painful?
You'll likely experience tenderness and soreness for a week or two. It may also be challenging to chew at first, but your mouth will adjust to the discomfort within a couple of days.

How long does it take to get used to braces as an adult?
Most patients will adjust to braces within one to two weeks. While it will feel strange, you'll get used to them as time passes.

How long do patients have to wear braces?
It's typical for the average adult to undergo adult orthodontic treatment in Wyomissing, PA, for around 18 months to three years. It's also essential to wear a retainer after your treatment to maintain your desired alignment.

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Achieving the smile you have always wanted is possible at any age! Our talented orthodontic specialists have advanced experience in helping Wyomissing and Reading, PA patients enhance their oral health and cosmetic appearance with adult braces. To learn about your options and take the first step toward your dream smile, schedule your initial consultation at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics today.

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