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What Is Adolescent Ortho Treatment?

Wearing braces is often regarded as a rite of passage for many teenagers. By the time most adolescents have reached the 11 – 13 age bracket, they have lost their deciduous (baby) teeth and nearly all of their permanent (adult) teeth have erupted. This stage in life is often the best time to treat orthodontic issues, like gaps between teeth, bite misalignment, crowding, and other concerns, to enhance their oral function and create an attractive smile. At Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, our team of orthodontic specialists routinely provides braces for teens, along with other types of orthodontic processes. Whether your teen is interested in Invisalign or traditional braces or has other types of needs, we can customize a treatment plan to optimize their oral health and smile. Our orthodontists are proud to serve the Wyomissing and Reading, PA community with full-service orthodontic care.

Is Your Teen a Candidate for Braces?

Your teen may be a good candidate for adolescent orthodontic treatment if they are around the ages of 11 – 13, have lost all of their baby teeth, and are showing signs of orthodontic issues. These concerns may include improper spacing between teeth (such as crowding or gaps), delayed tooth eruption, a misaligned bite (crossbite, overbite, or underbite), open bite (teeth do not touch in the front), tipped or rotated teeth, or overjet (protruded teeth). At times, we may monitor your teen's orthodontic condition until the timing is right to begin treatment.

What Are the Different Types of Ortho Treatments for Teens?

During your teen's orthodontic consultation, our team will take digital x-rays, photos, and 3D scans of their mouth. We use this information, along with our clinical findings, to evaluate your teen's teeth and jaw and properly plan for orthodontic treatment, if necessary. Together, we can then help you determine the best type of care to address your son or daughter's needs. Our specialists offer a range of orthodontic services, including:

  • Traditional braces: A common approach to care that guides teeth into their proper position through a system of metal or ceramic brackets and archwires
  • Invisalign Teen: A treatment approach that gradually aligns the teeth and corrects bite issues through a series of removable clear aligner mouth trays
  • Other orthodontic appliances: In certain instances, retainers, expanders, space maintainers, and headgear may be incorporated into care to provide optimal treatment outcomes.

What is the Adolescent Ortho Treatment Process Like?

Throughout the course of your teen's orthodontic care, they will likely need to visit our office on a periodic basis so that we can make any necessary adjustments (such as to change archwires) and monitor their treatment progress. The time spent wearing braces or other appliances will vary according to individual needs but may last between 1 – 3 years. Keeping up with excellent oral hygiene at home each day and routine dental cleanings at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics is critical to your son or daughter's oral health and end results. We will demonstrate the best techniques to use when brushing and flossing and may recommend additional products to aid in keeping their teeth and ortho appliances as clean as possible. Once your teen's braces are removed and active ortho treatment is complete, we will likely have them wear a retainer to maintain results while the jaw stabilizes.

Does Insurance Cover Braces for Teens?

Many dental insurance plans offer some coverage toward adolescent orthodontic treatment. Before moving forward with your teen's care, our treatment coordinator will review your individual benefits and inform you of any uncovered portion. To help make braces for teens as affordable as possible, Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics accepts several forms of payment, including convenient interest-free financing options through Wells Fargo and CareCredit.

Adolescent Ortho Treatment FAQ

What types of teeth-straightening treatments are available for my teenager?
Our team offers a variety of adolecent orthodontic care options for your teen, including traditional braces, Invisalign®, retainers, space maintainers, expanders, headgear, and more. When providing your teen care, we will consider their oral health, how their mouth will grow in the future, and more in order to make the best decisions for their treatment.

How long will my teen need to wear braces?
We are proud to provide braces for many teens in Wyomissing, PA. The length of time your teen may need braces will vary based on their specific needs. Generally most of our teen patients undergo orthodontic treatment for about 18 – 24 months.

Does my teen need a special toothbrush when they have braces?
We recommend using a soft-bristled tooth brush for teens with braces. Additionally, an interdental tooth rush can help with flossing. While a special type of toothbrush is not required, we find that these toothbrushes work best with the challenges that sometimes result when brushing with braces.

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Help Your Teen Achieve a Straight, Healthy Smile

The adolescent years are often a good time to treat orthodontic concerns and help your teen achieve a straight, healthy, and confident smile. Our team of orthodontic specialists has vast experience in addressing the needs of patients in this age group and is pleased to offer full-service orthodontics from our conveniently located, state-of-the-art practice. If you are in the Wyomissing or Reading, PA area, contact Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics today to learn more about braces for teens!

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