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About Emergency Dentistry

Injuries and accidents happen to patients of all ages, which is why the experienced general and pediatric dentists at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics offer emergency adult and pediatric dental care to Wyomissing and Reading, PA families. In an emergency situation, it is important to have a trusted team you can turn to for quick, efficient care when you or your loved ones need it most. Though we treat all types of dental emergencies, some of those we most commonly see include broken and knocked-out teeth, loose restorations, and tooth pain. While you may or may not feel discomfort, it is important to have your mouth assessed by an emergency dentist following any type of injury or oral damage. At Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, we always make dental emergencies a priority and offer same-day visits, extended hours, and weekend availability, even if you are not yet a patient of record. We also build time into our schedule each day so that we can accommodate urgent dental care needs as quickly as possible. Please contact us right away if you or your child are in need of emergency dental care.

When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can result from biting into hard or tough foods, accidents during sports, a tooth infection, a blunt-force injury to the mouth or jaw, or other causes. Certain types of dental emergencies require immediate care, such as a knocked-out (avulsed) or dislodged (extruded) tooth. Urgent dental care may also be necessary if a crown, filling, or other restoration becomes loose or falls out, you have tooth pain, or you have a cracked or broken tooth. In some circumstances, you may be unaware of how quickly you should visit an emergency dentist (such as for an injury that does not cause bleeding or pain or a chip in a tooth). Whenever you or a family member experience an injury to the mouth or jaw, it is important to contact our team right away. Our experienced and caring staff can help you decide when to come in, suggest methods to reduce any pain, and inform you of how to store your tooth or restoration until you arrive. Even smaller injuries can lead to larger issues if not handled right away; therefore, it is always best to err on the side of caution and contact our offices immediately.

What To Expect During Your Visit

Since each dental emergency is unique, our team will personalize your care to best meet your needs. One of our emergency dentists will carefully evaluate your condition to assess your injury or concern. Digital x-rays are available for adults and children so that we may fully understand the extent of your emergency and provide the highest level of care in restoring your oral health. We will then speak with you about options for care and create your treatment plan. Though our primary goal will be to improve your comfort, we will strive to complete your care within a single visit. In some scenarios, our dentists may bring you in for a follow-up appointment to address any further needs.

After Your Emergency Visit

At the end of your emergency visit, our dental experts will provide instructions to help you recover following your treatment at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics. We may write you a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication, which will need to be used as directed. Our staff will also help you schedule any follow-up appointments, if necessary. Tips on preventing dental emergencies in the future may also be discussed, such as wearing an athletic mouth guard when playing sports. Adhering to a good oral hygiene routine at home with flossing and brushing can help keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. During your routine dental or pediatric checkups at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, our dentists will continue to monitor your recovery progress and overall oral health.

Insurance Coverage for Emergency Visits

We are pleased to be a provider for a number of major dental insurance companies. If you have emergency dental needs, a member of our business team will review your plan and provide you with an estimate of personal costs for any recommended treatment. Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics accepts multiple payment methods and can help you apply for medical financing to cover any uninsured portion of your care. Please do not delay treating a dental emergency because of concerns over cost, as waiting may lead to larger and more expensive treatment needs.

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When you or your child have tooth pain, an oral injury, or other emergency needs, contact Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics for urgent general or pediatric dental care. Our trained and compassionate team will help ease your discomfort and get you back to oral health as quickly and efficiently as possible. For same-day, after-hours, or weekend emergency dental needs, contact our friendly Wyomissing or Reading, PA practice right away. Even if you are not a patient of record, we are pleased to be a source of efficient, timely dental care for you and your family.

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