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What is Dental Technology?

Our team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics continually strives to bring the highest standard of care to Wyomissing and Reading, PA patients of all ages. To do so, we invest in the latest dental technologies proven to enhance the quality of care, expected outcomes, and improve the overall patient experience. Some of the advanced technologies we currently use include low-radiation digital x-rays, 3D oral imaging for digital impressions, an intraoral camera for taking pictures of the mouth comfortably, CamX Spectra decay detector, and the DIAGNOdent™ Pen laser cavity detector. By utilizing these diagnostic tools, our general dentists can often detect and treat oral conditions earlier and with a more conservative approach. Learn more about how dental technologies are incorporated into excellence in patient care by scheduling a visit at one of our state-of-the-art practice locations today.

What Types of Dental Technology Are There?

Digital x-rays: X-rays are an important part of general and pediatric dental exams. We proudly use digital x-ray technology, which requires much less radiation than traditional films to examine internal portions of your teeth and jaw or areas not visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays are taken through a small sensor that immediately transmits the images to our software system. These crisp, clear images can then be magnified to enhance our diagnostic abilities. Digital x-rays offer a more comfortable, faster, and streamlined experience for our patients.

3D imaging: Used to take impressions of the mouth, 3D oral imaging is a more convenient, precise, and comfortable process for individuals of all ages. Our team uses an intraoral scanner to quickly capture detailed impressions of the upper and lower teeth and gums without the need for messy, goopy, or uncomfortable impression materials. These images can be easily shared with our partner dental labs and generate greater accuracy in the fabrication of crowns, bridges, retainers, and Invisalign® aligners, among other appliances.

DIAGNOdent Pen (laser cavity detector): DIAGNOdent laser technology allows our team to identify signs of tooth decay (cavities) in the earliest stage. Employed through a pen-like handpiece that is passed over each tooth, the DIAGNOdent cavity detector measures the fluorescence in a tooth produced by decay-causing bacteria, which is displayed on a number scale. Higher numbers often equate to the presence of decay within the tooth structure. With this technology, our dentists can often offer a more conservative approach to restoring oral health.

Spectra: Spectra is used to detect decay (caries) and helps eliminate the guesswork in diagnosing tooth decay. Its noninvasive technology provides dentists and patients with beneficial insights that impact the health of your teeth. On the imaging software, healthy enamel appears green while carious regions will appear in either blue, red, orange, or yellow. Along with the coloring, a number between 0 and 5 will be displayed, indicating the extent of the decay. 

Intraoral camera: This camera is used to comfortably take images of the inner mouth. This pen-shaped device takes high-resolution images of areas of the mouth where it's hard for the naked eye to see. These images can be enlarged so our dentists can show patients exactly what they're looking at.

Can Dental Technology Be Used For My Needs?

Patients of all ages may be good candidates for the safe, noninvasive dental technologies utilized at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics. In many cases, these services increase comfort for our patients when compared with their traditional counterparts. While dental x-rays are generally taken as a preventive to screen for oral concerns, they may also be necessary on an as-needed basis to evaluate oral damage, pain, or other concerns. Our team may utilize 3D imaging to take impressions for a range of procedures, including crowns, bridges, and dental implants, as well as for orthodontic retainers, Invisalign treatment, and other needs. DIAGNOdent laser technology, intraoral cameras, and Spectra technology may also be used during routine dental exams to detect tooth decay or get a close-up image of hard-to-see areas of the mouth.

What Should I Expect When Dental Technology is Used?

Advanced technology is designed to improve comfort and efficiency during visits and increases our ability to help meet your treatment goals and expectations with greater accuracy. Our team of dentists and clinical staff will inform you and your family members of the process prior to beginning any of our diagnostic services. Depending on individual oral health needs, the procedures for taking digital x-rays, 3D impressions, and using the DIAGNOdent Pen for cavity detection generally only take a few minutes.

What is the Frequency of Diagnostic Services?

Each of our dental technologies is utilized as needed on an individual basis. While we typically take digital x-rays yearly during routine check-up visits, our dentists may also recommend x-rays to evaluate acute dental needs, such as if you have pain or trauma. Digital impressions are shared with our lab and used to fabricate oral appliances. The DIAGNOdent Pen is utilized during routine dental exams to identify early signs of tooth decay and allow for more conservative treatment.

Is There Insurance Coverage for Diagnostics?

Diagnostic procedures are generally covered at certain intervals by most dental insurance plans. Before taking x-rays or beginning other services, our team will review your insurance benefits and inform you of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs. Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics is committed to helping all patients get the care needed for a healthy smile. We are pleased to accept a number of easy payment solutions and offer an in-house dental wellness plan for those who do not carry insurance.

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We are delighted to offer the latest in state-of-the-art dental care to our patients. Through these advanced diagnostic techniques, our team of dentists can increase the accuracy and precision with which we perform dentistry and better deliver the quality of care you and your family deserve. To learn more about how we use digital x-rays, 3D oral imaging, and DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, please schedule a visit at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing and Reading, PA today.

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