Join The Team At Grove Dental Group!

Dr. Jeffrey Grove explains how the core values at Grove Dental drive everything we do.


Dr. Jeffery Grove:
Grove Dental Group and Dynamic Growth Dental Support are extremely powerful and fundamentally different places to work. We thoroughly believe in culture, and culture in our practice and in our businesses is absolutely king. You will completely get a different vibe when you just walk into our practice, when you interact with our team, and that relates back to a fundamental set of core values that we have. And we've actually taken those core values... a lot of companies have core values... we've taken those core values and we've distilled them down into a language. A lot of the things that we say, we repeat and phrases and these phrases have become like an oxygen to us, and it makes us unique. It's a unique way of caring for each other. It's a unique way of caring for our patients, and it's a unique way of caring for our community.

It has become the lifeblood. Like I said, it's the driver, it's the magic behind everything that we do, and it creates an environment of safety. It creates an environment where team members can come and be themselves, be authentic and enjoy coming to the workplace, working with the team and taking care of patients in that real community feel. And in that feeling of safety that we create as a team, we're able to bring patients in and make them feel safe and treat them as if they are us or they are our own family members.

And we make decisions based on taking care of our patients and each other as if they were our family members. And we really feel that's an extremely powerful part of our business, our practice. And it resonates with a lot of people that come in and they just say, "What's different about this place? Something is... there's something in the air here, there's something in the water. I can feel it." And that's why we invite so many people to come into our practice, whether it be a new team member, a potential new hire, someone we want to add, a new doctor, or patients and vendors and anyone else that we associate or do business with.