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Review from C.B.  |  Source: Google  |  Dec 03, 2020

so i told my dentist that i would leave a good yelp review but im leaving a review here. anyways, heres a message to my dentist, helen: hi. ok thats it. merry christmas, hanukkah, or kwaanza. (sorry if i spelt any of those wrong, im a kid and i dont know how to spell it lol) anyways cya later!!!! (also the lady who checked my mom and i in said she liked my sweatshirt :D) oh also this is the bestest dentist in the entire universe and even if you aliens from mars think you have better dental care you dont. so come to grove dental if you want to get clean teeth. and again this is the most best dentist office ever and by ever i mean EVER EVER EVER so yeah. oh and sorry one more thing, when i got the fluoride treatment at a different dentist office, they shoved like 5 cotton balls and a big fat piece of plastic in my mouth so it stayed dry and open. it was very uncomfortable and made me gag. but, when i got the fluoride treatment here, helen just put 1 cotton ball and a tiny peice of cardboard (that was safe for my mouth) in my mouth and it worked just fine!!! so thanks helen for helping my teeth be clean and shiny again and i hope you have a good day. ok bye for real now lol More