What is the Best Age to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

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Almost every parent wants to straighten their child’s smile so it dazzles. Orthodontic treatment effectively straightens misplaced teeth. In most cases, braces can be applied when a child is between 10 and 14 years old. However, in some cases, a child might require orthodontic treatment earlier or later. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that you schedule your child’s first orthodontic appointment around the age of seven.

Our team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing, PA provides orthodontic treatment to help meet your child’s particular needs. He will examine your child to catch problems early, such as bite misalignment or crooked teeth. Dr. Grove will then discuss orthodontic treatment options with you.

What to expect from a child’s first orthodontic visit

Your child probably undergoes teeth cleanings every six months. In most cases, a child’s first dental exam takes place before the little one’s first birthday. Following that initial exam, regular care helps maintain your child’s dental health with exams and cleanings. Hopefully, your child has developed a strong relationship with the dental team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing, PA.

The first orthodontic exam can take place at around six or seven years old. Our doctors will evaluate your child’s gums, jaws, and teeth. Certain orthodontic conditions, such as crooked teeth, are visible, but others might be hidden. We will identify issues such as overcrowded teeth, gapped teeth, bite misalignment, or improper jaw formation. We will then recommend a treatment plan to help meet your child’s particular needs.

In some cases, a child might require early orthodontic treatment to treat issues as the adult teeth grow and the child’s mouth develops. A child who sucks on a pacifier or thumb might develop jaw problems or issues with their teeth that require prompt interceptive care to treat the issue and improve the child’s bite.

As your child’s permanent teeth emerge, we will continue to evaluate the growth to ensure that no problems develop. In most cases, it takes from five to six years for your child’s baby teeth to fall out and permanent teeth to emerge. Most children will have a full set of permanent teeth at about 12 to 13 years old. However, some children do develop more quickly than others. In fact, some children will have all of their permanent teeth by nine years old. Other children are slow to lose their baby teeth and might still have them when they are 15. Dr. Grove will need to examine your child’s mouth to determine their particular growth stage before recommending orthodontic treatments.

What is the best age to get braces?

You might wonder when the best age is for a child to get braces. Usually, it is right before they lose their last set of baby teeth. However, this can vary between children. Treatment starting too early may take longer and even have negative consequences. However, starting orthodontic treatment too late can make the entire process more difficult. Ideally, you'll want to meet with Dr. Grove to discuss your child’s unique needs and treatment options.

Schedule your orthodontic consultation today

If you would like to learn more about the ideal age to start orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today with Dr. Jeffrey N. Grove and his team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing, PA?. Dr. Grove will examine your child's teeth and bite to develop an orthodontic treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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