What are Some Reasons to Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment?

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Early orthodontic treatment, or interceptive treatment, can intercept potential problems and give your child a beautiful, functional smile. In addition to saving your youngster (and you) time, money, and discomfort, our expert team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics can give your child a spectacular smile and the self-confidence to improve social and learning outcomes while establishing healthy, life-long habits.

Long-lasting dental and orthodontic health is an invaluable gift you can give your younger loved ones. And now that priceless gift is easier than ever to give — just contact our specialists in Wyomissing, PA!

What are some reasons to consider early orthodontic treatment?

We recommend that children receive an orthodontic evaluation at around seven years of age. An early evaluation also helps us establish the most appropriate and effective treatment timing. Additionally, bringing in your child for an assessment allows us to check the spacing of their teeth to help avoid any developing problems such as overcrowding or spacing.

We also check eruption patterns to pre-empt any tricky and uncomfortable wisdom teeth issues. And by tracking your child's development, we can do everything in our power to ensure they can enjoy an optimal orthodontic outcome well into the future.

We use various advanced techniques to comprehensively image your child's dental tissues. These techniques include photos, 3D intraoral scans, and digital x-rays, which are safer than traditional x-rays. The resultant 3D map offers unprecedented detail, allowing us to assess all structures individually and synergistically to ascertain how efficiently they work together.

Early orthodontic treatment can also help to avert joint problems and other concerns such as overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and overjet. These problems affect how the top and bottom teeth fit together, and children with an improper bite can suffer from speech and chewing difficulties. In addition to functional concerns, a poor bite can also affect a child's self-confidence.

Early orthodontic treatment can give your child the best outcome

The alignment of your child's teeth is of the utmost importance. The various types of misalignment or abnormal spacing can cause many problems in the future if left without prompt and proper orthodontic intervention. For example, if the teeth are left to shift on their own, they may crowd each other. Overcrowding is not only unaesthetic but a health issue. When the teeth impinge on each other, they block their neighbor's surfaces, making it impossible to clean certain areas. If these areas are left inaccessible, they can harbor bacteria, leading to infection and decay.

Another spacing concern is that gaps may form between the teeth. This can affect total-mouth health and aesthetics because if orthodontic treatment is not administered, the teeth will shift toward the empty spaces. As they continue to migrate, this can kick off a cascade of poor alignment throughout the mouth. Equally important, we can check for and plan proper treatments for other issues, including congenitally missing or supernumerary (extra) teeth.

Give your child the priceless gifts of orthodontic health and a beautiful smile

With early orthodontic intervention at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics, you can give your young loved ones the priceless gifts of orthodontic health and the beautiful, comfortable smile that accompanies timely, detail-attentive treatment in Wyomissing, PA.

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