How We Make Your Dental Visit Stress Free

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Some people LOVE the dentist. The fresh, clean feeling afterward is blissful. However, others dread a dental visit. They hate the scraping of metal on their teeth, are possibly embarrassed of their smile or have terrible anxiety even thinking about a future appointment. At Grove Dental, we’ve seen a mix of both, but we know how to accommodate either. We are incredibly proud to say that we are pretty awesome when it comes to calming the nerves our patients (yes, tooting our own horn). This is because we have numerous ways to ease the mind of all ages.

1. Beverage Station

Sleeping the night before a dental appointment could be nearly impossible for someone with dental anxiety. If you leave the house before your morning coffee, or if you just want a drink, we will provide you with a complimentary beverage. Pick from coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Thirty for a glass a water? We have regular or sparkling!

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2. Comfort Menu

Our version of a menu will hopefully make you feel right at home and relieve some stress!

  • Bzz… When the noise from the dental equipment is bothersome, place some ear plugs in to eliminate it!
  • Dry lips? We have lip balm!
  • If you had to receive some type of treatment where your mouth must be numb, we can give you Oraverse to reverse unwanted numbness.
  • Refreshment towels are available, too.
  • Still feeling uneasy? Squeeze stress balls when feeling nervous!

3. Watch TV or Listen to Tunes

Feel awkward looking at Doc and quickly browsing the room for a place to stare? No need at GDG! We have 28 television channels to choose from and focus your attention to. The TV is directly on the ceiling to make it easily visible! More of a music person? We have 27 stations to listen to - just try not to sing along during a cleaning. After though, we’ll join in with you!

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4. Sedation Dentistry

When the above options are no good for you, consider sedation dentistry or otherwise known as “Deep Conscious Sedation.” This allows you to feel as if you are asleep, but function normally as if you are awake! You’ll be in your deepest state of relaxation and begin to focus on something peaceful rather than being in a dentist chair.

Our team is highly qualified to be able to provide our patients this treatment. Our doctors will work with you to determine if this is your best option. The American Dental Association and most state dental boards and colleges mandate specialized training in techniques, equipment, medications and medical history analytics before the procedure can be practiced.

We will always be 100% honest with our patients. After analysis of your medical history, we will let you know if sedation dentistry is right for you, your spouse, or your child.

Read this article by Colgate that offers tips to parents before, during, and after your child receives the sedation treatment.

5. Chatting with the Awesome, Friendly Grove Dental Team!

We love our jobs, we love our fellow team members, we love our patients, and we really love Grove Dental Group! We want you to feel just as comfortable as we do coming into our office. Be open and honest with any fears or hesitations you may have about an upcoming appointment or particular procedure. It’s best if we are aware it, so we can care for you accordingly.

Don’t Sweat Your Next Dental Visit

Being apprehensive about scheduling an appointment must end sooner than later. Your oral and overall health depend on regular dental visits. No matter what you’re nervous about, we have a team that has a number of options for you to reduce your anxiety and allow you to have a relaxing visit with us. In fact, we make visits to the dentists so comforting, even Santa comes to Grove Dental!

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Schedule an appointment with us and describe any jitters you may have about your dental appointment. Stay connected with us to see other dental patients, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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