How Long Will It Take To Adjust To Traditional Metal Braces?

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Traditional metal braces are often necessary for patients who have substantial orthodontic needs. You can use metal braces to help correct the positioning of your teeth, producing a healthier and happier smile. The team at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing, PA can help you find a plan for metal braces that can produce a smile you can feel confident about.

One challenge thing we often see among patients at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics involves how people often struggle to adjust to these metal braces. There are a few things you can do to become comfortable with braces.

What happens after you first receive your braces?

You may notice some soreness in your mouth and gums after receiving braces. The soft tissue inside your mouth may experience some irritation from the brackets and wires that make up the braces.

We can provide an orthodontic wax and analgesic that goes over the soft tissue after installing the braces. The wax can reduce friction between the braces and soft tissue.

There will still be some friction in your mouth, even with the orthodontic wax reducing the problem. But the tissue inside your mouth will have an easier time healing than other tissues. The soft tissues in your mouth heal faster than other parts of the body.

When will you stop feeling pain?

The timeframe for when you won’t feel pain or irritation from your new metal braces will vary. You could spend about 1 – 2 weeks getting used to your braces. Sometimes, it can take patients a month to get used to everything. The goal is to avoid focusing on your braces too much and follow a healthy routine.

Reduce discomfort with metal braces maintenance

You’ll have an easier time getting used to your braces if you follow the suggested aftercare plan. We recommend you follow these guidelines in Wyomissing, PA:

Avoid various negative habits when wearing braces. These include chewing ice, chewing gum, smoking tobacco, or biting on non-edible objects, like pen caps or pencil erasers. These movements can harm your teeth and impact the brackets and wires, adding excess stress.

Avoid foods that might be sticky or hard. Do not eat things that are sharp or contain bits that are small and could get stuck in your braces.

Follow your normal dental routine. You’ll require a few extra toothbrushes at home, as you could wear through those brushes rather fast. Regular cleaning and brushing can reduce the irritation you might feel around your braces, as you will stimulate enough tissue to help get used to your braces.

Visit us to learn more about traditional braces

Traditional metal braces will be easy to manage when you know what to expect and how to care for them. You can visit us at Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics in Wyomissing, PA to find out if metal braces can work for you. We can complete a thorough analysis of your smile and find a plan that can correct your teeth. Visit us online today to schedule a time for a consultation.

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