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Nothing is more important to us than the dental health of the children and teens in our community. To give full protection to the young athletes in Berks County, Dr. Jeff and our team are now offering free custom-fitted mouth guards (we call them sportsguards)! For all of the local school districts and their sports teams, our new sportsguards offer effective protection against potential injuries. This especially applies to concussions!

Free custom-fitted mouthguards in Wyomissing, PA

Why Our Young Athletes Need Sportsguards

As a parent, himself, Dr. Jeff has consistently not been able to create and use boil-and-bite mouthguards for his children. If you are a parent of a sports player, you have probably tried to make a boil-and-bite mouthguard – even if you didn’t know that funky name for it. While they imitate sportsguards, boil-and-bites are not as effective for protection. And, they are often ill-fitting for your child’s teeth and mouth.

Bringing the issue up to our team, we decided that the Berks community deserves a better quality of mouthguard for youth sports teams at local schools. Mouthguards should fit and be comfortable for your player to wear. And, they need to actually work against injuries!

Our sportsguards are dual-layered to give extra protection against hard hits and collisions on the field, the court, or the rink.





Without effective dental protection during rigorous sports and activity, your young sports star’s teeth, face, jaw, and head are all at risk for injury! Take a look at this educational page from Colgate to learn more. So, let’s get your kid a free sportsguard!


Children and teens get free mouthguards for sports

How Our Sportsguard Program Works

First, if you are a concerned parent: talk to your kid’s coach, team coordinator, or athletic director and bring up Grove Dental’s Sportsguard program for the entire team to get free sportsguards.

If you are a coach, team coordinator, or athletic director: just give us a quick call or visit our office! From our list of open Saturdays, we’ll schedule a time for your sports team to come into our office and get all of their impressions done, quickly!

While it would make everything easier to get your entire team’s impressions done at once, we completely understand the need to have individuals come in. Just let us know who to expect at the door and when they’ll be coming in.


Impressions only take up to 30 minutes.

One week after your team’s impressions are taken, your sportsguards will be ready to wear at all the games you play. Have a representative from your sports team come to our office and simply pick them up. At the next practice, your players will benefit from better protection and a more comfortable fit. If you are having an upcoming registration event for a sports team, we will happily come out and sign players up for the program.

Our sportsguards include a select set of color choices:

  • Our Grove Dental green (you’re seeing it all over our website!)
  • A limited spectrum of possible school colors to customize for your team: - Clear - White - Red - Green - Dark Blue - Black

All of our sportsguards include our Grove Dental logo. We want you to know who to call whenever you need dental advice or help improving your smile!


When your team gets their sportsguards, don’t forget to snap a quick photo of their safely protected smiles and post it on social media! Use the hashtag, #GroveGives so that we can see how your sports players like our work.

Local teams get free mouthguards for youth sports players

How Do I Know if My School District Is Eligible?

If your child or sports team plays for a school within Berks County – let’s get you some sportsguards!

Still Have Questions About the Program?

Our local community is Grove Dental’s #1 priority. Ask us anything in the comments and we’ll make sure to deliver the answer. Get updates on our Sportsguard program on Facebook and Twitter!

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